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Specialists in Western American, literature, and quantum physics; with a particular focus on Colorado history and the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

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THE HAND-BOOK TO ARIZONA: Its Resources, History, Towns, Mines, Ruins and Scenery.  By Richard J. Hinton, 1878, original blue cloth binding, complete except for large folding map

Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 a.jpg (145507 bytes)

Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 b.jpg (239343 bytes)

Amply Illustrated.  Accompanied with a New Map of the Territory  (missing from this volume).  Payot, Upham & Co., San Francisco.  American News Co., New York.  1878.  First edition.  Lithography by Britton, Rey & Co., San Francisco.  This copy is in the original blue cloth binding with gold print on front cover and spine, as issued by the publisher in 1878.  Contents: 432 pages; plus, an Appendix of 101 pages; as well as 43 pages of advertisements.  Book contains 24 original plates, plus one foldout map.  Of the 24 plates, the following are maps: 1) Plan of the Aztec Mining District, Pima County, Arizona; 2) Globe District; and, 3) Jesuit Map of Arizona 1698.  There is also a foldout map: Township Map of the Santa Rita, including the Aztec and Tyndall Mining Districts.  following maps: 1) foldout map: 1878 reproduction of Petrus's 1777 map; 2) Plan of Loop, Tehachapi Pass, on line of Southern Pacific R.R., supposed to be opposite Appendix Page C; and, 3) the large foldout map "New Map of the Territory," which is rarely present when book surfaces.  Other faults with this tome: missing half-title page; and, one-eighth of Page 429 missing, mostly the lower right-hand corner portion (however, copy of this page and Page 430 supplied for information); modern binding and new endpapers.  List of steel-engraved plates present in this volume: Prescott (frontispiece); Loop Line, Tehachapi Pass; San Fernando Tunnel, South Portral; Santa Monica Harbor and surroundings; The Grand Canon of the Colorado; Grand Canon of the Colorado - Mouth of Kanab Wash, looking east; Coronnacion Peak; Tubac & The Santa Rita Mountains, from the southeast side; Ruins of the Mission of Tumacacori, destroyed by Apache Indians; Toltec Camp, Aztec District; Arivaca; Mount Wrightson, from Calabaza, Santa Cruz Valley;  Valley of Santa Cruz, from Santa Ritas; Tucson; Fort Yuma; The Saguara; Casa Grande, Gila Valley; Ancient Cliff House; W.T. Rickard;s Oxidizing Furance - Exterior view; W.T. Rickard;s Oxidizing Furance - Interior view; Silver & Copper Leaching & Amalgamating Works; plus numerous page illustrations.  Overall, book is in very good condition: binding lightly soiled, edges a bit frayed; some damp-staining.  There is a great deal of mining information in this volume, including lists of mines, development work, production and ownership.  There are also details on former explorers, towns and settlements, mining camps, Toltecs and Aztecs, Globe and Summit Districts, water resources, Camps Bowie and Grant, Santa Cruz, birds, animals, and plant life, and much, much more.  An excellent reference of the Arizona Territory in the mid-1870s.


Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 c.jpg (142788 bytes)

Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 d.jpg (148593 bytes)

Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 e.jpg (157865 bytes)

Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 f.jpg (114621 bytes)

Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 g.jpg (141546 bytes)

Handbook to Arizona orig binding 1878 h.jpg (128675 bytes)


Titan of Chasms 1903.jpg (231972 bytes)


TITAN OF CHASMS: The Grand Canyon of Arizona

 1903, Articles by J.W. Powell and Charles F. Lummis, The Santa Fe Railroad.  SOLD



ADVENTURES IN THE APACHE COUNTRY; A Tour through Arizona and Sonora, with Notes on the Silver Regions of Nevada, by J. Ross Browne, 1869

Apache Country Browne 1869.jpg (208686 bytes)

Apache Country Browne 1869 b.jpg (102465 bytes)

Illustrated by Author.  New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 1869.  Original embossed brown cloth binding with gold print on spine; 535 pages with 4 pages of publishers advertisements; many steel-engraved illustrations.  Contents include: Gadsen Purchase; On Way to Arizona; The Colorado Desert; Fort Yuma; Travelling Up the Gila; The Oatman Family; Crucified Apaches; Pimo Villages; Casa Grandes; Across the Ninety-Mile Desert; Tucson; San Xavier Del Bac; Pueblo of Tubac; Cocospera Canon; Magdalena; Dona Inez; Ton of Santa Cruz; Massacre of Mills and Stevens; Mowry Mine; Santa Rita; The Cerro Colroado; The Arivaca Ranch; Papgoria; Washoe Revisited; Bodie Bluff; Dead Sea of the West; Walker River Country; and, The Reese River Country.  Book is in very good plus condition: some very light fraying to head and toe of spine; spine is tight and strong; pages are clean and fresh.  Price: $250.00

Apache Country Browne 1869 c.jpg (146536 bytes)

Apache Country Browne 1869 d.jpg (139249 bytes)



Arizona Magazine 1917.jpg (43235 bytes)

Phoenix, Arizona, January 1917.  Volume VII, Number 3.  Dimensions: 10-1/4" by 13-3/4."  18 pages.  Numerous photographic images; Phoenix, Bisbee, and Globe, Arizona advertising.  Articles include: Goodyear Cotton Plantation; National Forest Homesteads; Miami - the Mother of Mines; Citrus Homes; Review of Mining in Arizona for 1916; etc.  Original wrappers; very good plus condition; folded.  Price: $35.00


ARIZONA AS IT IS; or, THE COMING COUNTRY.  Compiled from Notes of Travel During the Years 1874, 1875, and 1876.  Published 1877.

Arizona As It Is 1877 a.jpg (112195 bytes)

Arizona As It Is 1877 b.jpg (121511 bytes)

By Hiram C. Hodge.  New York: Published by Hurd and Houghton.  Boston: H.O. Houghton and Company.  Cambridge: The Riverside Press.  1877.  First edition.  Original green cloth binding with emboss black print on front cover and gold-embossed print on spine; 273 pages, with index; original brown endpapers.  Frontispiece: steel-engraving of Overland Mail Coach.  Two-page map between Page xii and Page 1.  Plus other steel-engraved illustrations.  Contents include: History of Arizona; Early Settlement; Climate, Rainy Seasons, Health, etc.; Mountains; Rivers; Grazing Lands; Wood, Timber, etc.; Mineral lands: Mines and Mining; Principal Mineral Belts; Counties and Towns; Indian Tribes; Prehistoric Ruins; Schools and Education; Railroads, Stage and Post Routes; Newspapers; Telegraphs; Military and Military Posts; Wild Animals, Birds, Fish, etc.; Reptiles and Venomous Insects; natural Curiosities; Flora; and more.  Condition: very good plus; some fraying to head and toe of spine; spine tight and strong; pages clean and bright.  Price: $250.00

Arizona As It Is 1877 c.jpg (98283 bytes)

Arizona As It Is 1877 d.jpg (127412 bytes)


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We are always interested in purchasing large or small collections, from countless to single items.  We purchase Western Americana -- books, documents, maps, photographs, ledgers, journals, annual reports, manuscript material, memorabilia, etc.  We also purchase first edition literature, especially books or manuscripts that are signed/inscribed and dust-jacketed, such F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Ben Hecht, Eugene O'Neill, James Joyce, etc.  And, we are interested in science books, such as those by Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Paul Dirac, Linus Pauling, Steven Weinberg, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schroedinger, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford. Max Planck, Ernrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer, etc.



"... But never again as during that all too short period when he and I were one person, when the fulfilled future and the wistful past were mingled in a single gorgeous moment -- when life was literally a dream...."  F. Scott Fitzgerald, from 'Early Success,' The Crack Up, October 1937

 \frac{\partial f}{\partial t}+ v \frac{\partial f}{\partial x}+ \frac{F}{m} \frac{\partial f}{\partial v} = \frac{\partial f}{\partial t}\left.{\!\!\frac{}{}}\right|_\mathrm{collision}

Boltzmann equation

\left( c \boldsymbol{\alpha}\cdot \mathbf{\hat{p}}+\beta mc^2 \right ) \psi = i\hbar\frac{\partial \psi}{\partial t}\,\!

Dirac equation

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