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Colorado railroad books, trade and signed editions for sale by Mt. Gothic Tomes and Reliquary, Rare Books and Western Americana.  Many of the following books are in fine to very fine condition.




Hauck, Cornelius W., Managing Editor.  THE COLLECTED COLORADO RAIL ANNUAL.  Reprinted from issues number one through seven.  Golden, Colorado: Colorado Railroad Museum, 1974, first edition.  Original gray cloth covers, red print on front cover and spine; 136 pages; fine in near fine dust jacket.  $35.00

Hauck, Cornelius W.; Chappell, Gordon; and, Richardson, Robert W.  COLORADO RAIL ANNUAL, Issue Number Nine – 1971: A Journal of Railroad History in the Rocky Mountain West..  Colorado Rail Annual No. 9.  Golden, Colorado : Colorado Railroad Museum, 1971; 2ND printing, 1976.  Original orange covers, gold print on front cover and spine; 126 pages; fine in near fine dust jacket.  $35.00

Hollenback, Frank R. and Russell, William Jr.  PIKES PEAK BY RAIL.  Denver, Colorado: Sage Books, 1962, first paperback trade edition; 91 pages, illustrated.  Condition: near fine.  $25.00

Jones, William C. and Holley, Noel T.  THE KITE ROUTE: Story of the Denver & Interurban Railroad. Boulder, Colorado: Pruett Publishing Company, 1986, first edition.  Book in original orange binding with black print on spine; 159 pages; very fine in fine dust jacket.   $35.00

Jones, William C.; Wagner, F. Hol, Jr.; and McKeever, Gene C.  MILE-HIGH TROLLEYS: A Nostlagic Look at Denver in the Era of the Streetcars.  Golden, Colorado: The Intermountain Chapter, National Railway Historical Society, Inc.; printed by Bradford-Robinson Printing Co., 1965.  Maroon cloth covers with gold print on front cover and spine; 96 pages; complete with all illustrations and fold-out maps; dust jacket.  Book in fine condition; dust jacket very good with some chipping and edge-wear.  $35.00

Kuhler, Otto.  MY IRON JOURNEY: An Autobiography of a Life with Steam and Steel. Denver, Colorado: The Intermountain Chapter, National Railway Historical Society, Inc., 1967, first edition, printed by Johnson Publishing Company, Boulder, Colorado.  Original red cloth covers with gold print on front cover and spine; 244 pages; illustrated endpapers; very fine in fine dust jacket.  

Larsh, Edward and Nichols, Robert.  TAKE THE ASPEN TRAIN. Aspen, Colorado: Future Journey Publishing Co., 1988, 1st edition; white cloth binding with blue print on front cover and spine; 148 pages; very fine in fine dust jacket.  SOLD

McCoy, Dell and Collman, Russ.  THE RIO GRANDE PICTORIAL: One Hundred years of Railroading thru the Rockies.  Silverton, Colorado: Sundance Publications, Ltd., 1971, 3rd printing, 1980; original pictorial covers; 216 pages; near fine condition.  SOLD

Newell, John C. and Griswold, P.R. “Bob.”  NARROW GAUGE EAST FROM DENVER: The Colorado Eastern Railroad. Boulder, Colorado: Pruett Publishing Co., 1982, first edition.  Original illustrated stiff wrappers; 94 pages; fine condition.  SOLD


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"... But never again as during that all too short period when he and I were one person, when the fulfilled future and the wistful past were mingled in a single gorgeous moment -- when life was literally a dream...."  F. Scott Fitzgerald, from 'Early Success,' The Crack Up, October 1937

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Boltzmann equation

\left( c \boldsymbol{\alpha}\cdot \mathbf{\hat{p}}+\beta mc^2 \right ) \psi = i\hbar\frac{\partial \psi}{\partial t}\,\!

Dirac equation

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