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Aiken, Charles E.H. and Warren, Edward R.   THE BIRDS OF EL PASO COUNTY, COLORADO, Volumes I and II. Colorado College Publication. General Series No. 74.  Science Series, Volume XII, No. 13, pages 455 – 496 and 497 – 603.  Colorado Springs , Colorado , May 1914 and June - September 1914.  Both publications in original gray printed wrappers.  From the library of Ralph E. Twitchell, New Mexican historian.  Volume I: map and numerous half-tone illustrations, near fine condition.  Volume II: numerous half-tone illustrations, near fine condition.  PRICE: $75.00

Anderson, George G.  SOME ASPECTS OF IRRIGATION DEVELOPMENT IN COLORADO.  Proceedings of The Colorado Scientific Society, Volume IX, separate printing, pages 273 – 314.  Denver : Published by the Society, December 1909.  Original printed wrappers; near fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

(Bankers’ Directory)  THE BANKERS’ DIRECTORY AND LIST OF BANK ATTORNEYS: containing a List of Banks and Bankers; also the Names of Reliable Commercial Lawyers recommended by the Banks.  January, 1883.  Chicago : Rand, McNally & Company, 1883.  Original blue cloth covers; gold print on front cover and spine; 487 pages; color maps of states; steel-engraved advertising.  Thoroughly detailed lists of bankers and attorneys state-by-state.  Fine condition.  $300.00

Barker, Emerson N.  EARLY COLORADO MAILS.  Original illustrated covers; 20 pages; territorial map on inside back cover.  No printer nor publisher.  Ca. 1949.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Barry, Louise, editor.  ALBERT D. RICHARDSON’S LETTERS ON THE PIKE’S PEAK GOLD REGIONS, Written to the Editor of the Lawrence Republican, May 22 – August 25, 1860.  Compiled and reprinted in The Kansas Historical Quarterly, Volume XII, Number 1, February 1943.  Printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, W.C. Austin, State Printer, Topeka , 1943.  Original tan wrappers; tipped on printed label; pages 14 – 58.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $45.00

Beckman, William C.  GUIDE TO THE FISHES OF COLORADO. Distributed by Colorado Game & Fish Department.  University of Colorado Museum, Boulder , Colorado .  Leaflet No. 11, December 1952.  Reprinted with corrections, June 1953.  Printed by Johnson Publishing Company, Boulder , Colorado .  Original illustrated green wrappers; 110 pages; illustrations.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Blakely, George J., Managing Editor.  THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN MAGAZINE, PUBLISHED MONTHLY, April, 1889, Volume I, No. 4.  Pueblo , Colo. : W.J. Jackson Printing Company, 1889.  Original engraved wrappers; pages 151 – 198; 8 pages of advertisements; engravings; articles of local interest.  Condition: very good.  PRICE: $40.00

Blakeney, Clara C.  HISTORY OF THE TUESDAY MORNING CLASS, 1895 – 1968.  Original manuscript written 1954; reviewed and printed in 1968.  Notes by Anne Byrd Kennon.  Original tan printed wrappers; 16 pages; half-tone illustrations.  SOLD

Bradford, Mary C.C.  A BOOK OF HOLIDAYS, Volume I, State of Colorado, 1920 – 1921.  Issued by Department of Public Instruction.  Eames Brothers, State Printers, Denver, Colorado, 1921.  Original blue stiff printed wrappers; 222 pages; illustrated with half-tones; descriptive; poetry; and, song.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Butler, G. Montague. SOME RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN LEADVILLE.  Quarterly of the Colorado School of Mines, Volume 8, Number 1, April 1913.  Golden, Colorado.  Original brown printed wrappers; 21 pages; illustrated; near fine condition.   PRICE: $20.00

Canfield, John G.  THE DENVER REAL ESTATE AND STOCK EXCHANGE ANNUAL REPORT: A Glance at the Business Condition, Architectural Features and Material Progress of “The Queen City of the Plains.”  Published for the Exchange by Jno. G. Canfield.  Press of Carson, Hurst & Harper, Art Printers, Denver , Colorado .  Original illustrated covers; 60 pages; numerous half-tone illustrations, engravings, and advertisements.  Contents include: President’s Report, by P.D. Grommon; Is Denver Another Chicago? By John E. Leet; Denver as Railroad Centre by Richard Linthicum; Denver as Manufacturing City by Edward B. Light; Real Estate Operations for 1891 by Frank E. Hartman; The Banks of Denver, by R.W. Woodbury; Some Early History of a Surprise by W.G.M. Stone; The Agriculture of Colorado by Lute Wilcox; The Sanitary Condition of Denver by H.K. Steel; and more.  Dimensions: 9” by 12”; 60 pages.  Condition: good plus to very good; some chipping to covers and spine.  PRICE: $750.00

Collier, A.J.  COAL SOUTH OF MANCOS, MONTEZUMA COUNTY, COLORADO.  United States Geological Survey, Bulletin 691 – K.  Washington : Government Printing Office, 1919.  Original printed wrappers; separate printing; pages 293 – 310; plates and maps.  Condition: near fine.  PRICE: $20.00

(Colorado cemetery)  FAIRMOUNT MAUSOLEUM.  Denver, Colorado. The Far-Reaching Foundation Toward Safer Civilization.  Records for Future Ages.  Daughters of Colorado.  1932: no publisher nor printer.  In conjunction with Crown Hill Cemetery, a Colorado organization organized to “broaden social outlook and preservation ….” of history for our future.  “Proposed dedication and explanation to be printed in the ‘introduction’ to the books published under Component II; and to be placed with the books sent to the World in 2131 A.D.”  Original black wrappers with gold print; 16 pages; several illustrations.  Fine condition.  SOLD

(Colorado Legislature)  AN ACT TO REGULATE THE BUSINESS OF MILLING, SAMPLING, CONCENTRATING, REDUCING, PURCHASING AND RECEIVING FOR SALE ORES, CONCENTRATES, AND AMALGAMS, BEARING GOLD AND SILVER BULLION, NUGGETS, AND SPECIMENS.  Passed by the Twentieth General of the State of Colorado, 1915.  Original printed wrappers; The Smith-Brooks Press, Denver , Colorado, 1915; 6 pages.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $25.00

(Colorado military)  THE COLORADO SOLDIERS’ AND SAILORS’ HOME AT MONTE VISTA.  Dedication Exercies at Monte Vista , July 14, 1912.  Erection of a monument at the Colorado Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home, in memory of those who died at the Home.  Illustrated 4-page fold-over format; very good condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Colorado Minerals)  COLORADO MINERALS.  Classified to Accord with the Sixth Edition of Dana’s “System of Mineralogy.”  Circa 1900.  Original printed wrappers; 23 pages; very good plus condition.  PRICE: $30.00

(Colorado School of Mines)  QUARTERLY OF THE COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES, April 1912.  BOOK OF VIEWS.  Volume 7, Number 1.  Issued Quarterly by the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado.  Original brown printed wrappers; 32 pages; illustrated with half-tones and captions.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Cooke, W.W.  THE BIRDS OF COLORADO.  Bulletin No. 37, Technical Series No. 2.  The State Agricultural College: The Agricultural Experiment Station; Fort Collins, Colorado , March 1897.  Approved by the Station Council, Alston Ellis, President.  The Smith-Brooks Printing Company, Denver, Colorado.  Original pink printed wrappers; 143 pages; no illustrations.  Very good plus condition: some light discoloration and light fraying of covers; internal pages are in fine condition.  PRICE: $100.00

Crawford, R.D.  A CONTRIBUTION TO THE IGNEOUS GEOLOGY OF CENTRAL COLORADO.  [From The American Journal of Science Vol. VII, May 1924].  Original green printed wrappers; no illustrations; pages 365 – 388.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00.

Cross, Whitman.  THE SAN MIGUEL FORMATION.  IGNEOUS ROCKS OF THE TELLURIDE DISTRICT, COLORADO .  [Read Before the Colorado Scientific Society, in Denver, September 7, 1896].  Original tan printed wrappers; 18 pages; no illustrations.  Condition: near fine.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver Music)  OFFICIAL PROGRAM: DENVER MUNICIPAL BAND, CITY PARK, 1916.  Program for summer season of the Denver Municipal Band.  Original illustrated wrappers; 32 pages; local advertisements; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $35.00

(Denver Theater)  THIRD ANNUAL BENEFIT, THEATRICAL MECHANICAL ASSOCIATION.  Denver Lodge Number 22, Broadway Theatre, Sunday April 26, 1908.  Broadway Theatre was owned by Peter McCourt (Baby Doe Tabor’s brother); premises donated for benefit.  Original illustrated wrappers; 16 pages; program and local advertisements.  Denver Engraving Co., Printer.  Condition: near fine.  PRICE: $25.00

Dressler, Albert.  CALIFORNIA’S PIONEER ARTIST: ERNEST NARJOT, A Brief Resume of the Career of a Versatile Genius.  Albert Dressler: San Francisco , 1936.  Original orange printed wrappers; 12 pages; tipped in illustrations of paintings; introduction by Louise Narjot Howard.  Inscribed by author.  Condition: near fine.  PRICE: $35.00

Ferril, Thomas Hornsby.  THE CHALLENGE OF THE PIONEER SPIRIT.  Reprinted from Colorado Quarterly, Volume V, Number 3, Winter, 1957; pages 229 – 241.  Original printing; no covers; near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Fleck, Herman.  RARE METALS (in Colorado).  Quarterly of the Colorado School of Mines, Volume 3, Number 3, January 1909.  Issued Quarterly by the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado .  The W.F. Robinson Printing Co., Denver, Colorado.  Original brown printed wrappers; 49 pages; illustrated.  PRICE: $25.00

Goodykoontz, Colin B.  COLORADO: Short Studies of Its Past and Present – The Exploration and Settlement of Colorado.  Separate printing, 1927; pages 42 – 90.  Original printed cream wrappers.  No publisher or printer.  Chapters include: The Spanish Advance; The American Approach: Pike; Trappers and Traders; Explorers and Travelers; The Gold Rush; Colonies and Town Companies; and more.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Greene, J.S.  ACQUIREMENT OF WATER RIGHTS IN THE ARKANSAS VALLEY IN COLORADO.  Washington: Government Printing Office, 1903.  U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Experiment Stations - Bulletin No. 140.  A.C. True, Director.  Original printed wrappers; 83 pages; fold-out map  Condition: very good plus.  Centered on water districts numbers 10 - 19; numbers 49 and 66; and number 67.  From introduction: "There are differences of opinion as to the comparative importance of the several kinds of irrigation investigation work now being prosecuted ...."  Price: $65.00

Greenleaf, Lawrence N.  CENTENNIAL POEM.  Delivered at the Centennial Celebration, in the Centennial State , at Denver , Colorado , July 4, 1876.  Reprinted in “Square and Compass,” Denver , Colo. August, 1906.  First separate printing; illustrated gray wrappers; 8 pages; near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Hewes, Charles Edwin.  SONGS OF THE ROCKIES .  The Egerton – Palmer Press, Estes Park , Colorado , 1914.  Decorations by Dean Babcock.  Original illustrated gray stiff boards; 129 pages.  Poetry.  Inscribed by the author.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $45.00

Hillebrand, W.F. and Ransome, F. Leslie.  ON CARNOTITE AND ASSOCIATED VANADIFEROUS MINERALS IN WESTERN COLORADO .  [From The American Journal of Science, Vol. X, August, 1900]  Original tan printed wrappers; pages 120 – 144; no illustrations.  Condition: near fine.  PRICE: $20.00

Hills, Elijah Clarence.  THE PIKE’S PEAK REGION IN SONG AND MYTH.  Colorado College Publication.  General Series No. 66.  Language Series Volume II, No. 29, pages 165 – 220.  Colorado Springs , Colorado , January 1913.  First separate printing; original gray printed wrappers; near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Humfleet, Betty.  COLORADO CURIOS.  The Pantry Press, 1965.  Illustrated by Humfleet; 16 pages; original illustrated yellow wrappers.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00  

Jarrett, David L.  COLORADO TERRITORIAL AND PRE-TERRITORIAL POSTMARKS.  Collectors Club of Chicago, 1976.  No printer or publisher.  Original light blue cloth binding with silver print; 207 pages; foldout map; in original blue cloth slipcase.  Numerous illustrations.  Fine condition in fine slipcase. $100.00

Johnson, Forrest H.  HORSES, CATTLE, GUNS AND SADDLE.  Old Time and Modern Ranch-Lore, Gathered for the Benefit of Man. Or HOW TO BE A RANCHER, With Glimpses of Lazy Heart Ranch.  The Gem Publishing Company, Denver, Colorado, 1967.  Bill Lay, Litho., Printers, Denver, Colorado.   Inscribed by author tp Fred & Jo Mazzulla.  Half-tone illustrations.  History and lore of the Lazy Heart Ranch near Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado.  Near fine condition.  sold

Koschmann, A.H.  THE COLORADO SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY: Its History and Objectives.  1949: no printer nor publisher.  Original white printed wrappers; 18 pages; no illustrations.  Also contains articles of constitution.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Koschmann, A.H.  NEW LIGHT ON THE GEOLOGY OF THE CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT, COLORADO , and its Practical Significance.  Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Colorado Mining Association, Denver, Colorado, January 25, 1941.  Original white printed wrappers; 28 pages; no illustrations.  The Bradford-Robinson Printing Co., Denver, Colorado.  Fine condition.   $30.00

Matthews, Albert.  THE PURGATORY RIVER OF COLORADO.  Cambridge: John Wilson and Son, University Press, 1902.  Reprinted from The Publications of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Volume VI.  Original printed wrappers; 11 pages.  Fine condition; uncut pages.  PRICE: $25.00

McFarlane, Frederick.  GILPIN COUNTY : A Paper read before the Teknik Club, in Denver, September 9, 1924; no publisher nor printer; 7 pages; near fine condition.  A paper on early gold mining in Gilpin County, Colorado .  PRICE: $20.00

McKelvey, S. Robert.  THE DINOSAURIA with Special Reference to the Dinosaur of Colorado.  Published by the Research Company, Denver, Colorado, 1920.  Welch-Haffner Printing Co., Denver, Colorado.  Original printed wrappers; 20 pages; illustrations.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $25.00

(Mining Machinery)  Hendrie & Bolthoff.  EIGHTY YEARS OF PROGRESS, 1861 – 1941, Anniversary Number.  Original stiff tan printed wrappers; 32 pages; descriptive and numerous illustrations, including half-tone of original H&B foundry in Central City, Colorado Territory, 1861.  Condition: very good.  PRICE: $30.00

Pearce, Richard.  SOME NOTES ON THE OCCURRENCE OF URANITE IN COLORADO.  Read before the Colorado Scientific Society, in Denver, September 9, 1895.  First separate printing; original green printed wrappers; 3 pages.  The App-Stott Printing Co., Denver , Colorado   Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Post, John L.  IDLE HOURS BEHIND THE WALLS: Poems from Prison Composed by John L. Post, 13769.  Privately published, 1937.  “Through the courtesy and cooperation of Roy Best, Warden, this volume of verse, composed by an inmate of the Colorado State Penitentiary, comes to the reader with the single wish it may bring a better understanding of the mental reactions of those confined behind these grim, gray stone walls.”  Original, hand-drawn illustrated covers; 67 pages.  No publisher nor printer.  This publication appears to have been done completely within the Colorado State Penitentiary.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $125.00


Rathmell, Ruth D.  RUSH TO THE ROCKIES : RHYMES.  No publisher nor printer; circa 1965. Signed by author.  Small format; 12 pages; fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00  

Rockwell, Robert B.  THE SQUIRRELS, CHIPMUNKS AND GOPHERS OF COLORADO: How to Know Them and what to Know about Them, Illustrated.  Published by The Colorado Mountain Club.  Publication No. 5, dated 1916.  Original illustrated wrappers; 16 pages; folded, otherwise very good plus condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Rockwell, Robert B.  TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF A NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER.  Reprinted from Natural History, Volume XX, No. 2, 1920.  Original tan printed wrappers; pages 180 – 192; half-tone illustrations.  Very good condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Smith, Reginald Herber, Registrar, Publication Committee.  YEAR BOOK OF THE COLORADO SOCIETY OF SONS OF THE REVOLUTION, Instituted February 22, 1892Denver, Colorado: November 1, 1896.  The Merchant Publishing Co.: Printers and Binders; Denver, Colo. Book is in its original ornate blue and tan cloth binding with gold illustration and print on front cover and blue print on spine; original endpapers, 56 pages.  Condition: near fine; excellent bond of paper.  Contents include: Officers of the General Society, 1896; Officers of the Colorado Society, 1896 – 1897; Officers of the Society from its Organization, February 22, 1892; Constitution of the General Society; By-Laws; Instructions to Applicants; Register of Members (each with brief genealogical description); Ancestors and Descendants; and Chronological List.  $100.00

Spalding, William Marvin.  EARLY REMINISCENCES OF DENVER.  Original gray printed wrappers; 20 pages; ca. 1955; no illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00  

(State Historical Society of Colorado) HISTORICAL SKETCH OF COLORADO AND MAP OF HISTORIC SITES.  Bradford-Robinson Printing Co., Denver, Colorado.  Circa 1935.  Small-format; 8 pages; illustrations, with map.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.50

Taylor, Hon. Edward T.  EULOGY OF THE LATE SENATOR CHARLES JAMES HUGHES, JR. of Colorado in the House of Representatives, Sunday, February 12, 1911.  Washington, 1911.  Original printed wrappers; 15 pages; very good plus.  PRICE: $30.00

Thomas, Charles S. (Colorado Governor)  MR. JUSTICE JOHN CAMPBELL of the Supreme Court of Colorado.  Addresses of 35th Annual Meeting of The Colorado Bar Association, September, 1932.  Original black stiff wrappers with silver print on front cover; 31 pages; one half-tone illustration.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Van Wagenen, H.R. TUNGSTEN IN COLORADO.  Quarterly of the Colorado School of Mines, Volume 3, Number 4, April 1909.  Golden, Colorado .  Original brown printed wrappers; 36 pages; illustrated; near fine condition.  The W.F. Robinson Printing Co., Denver , Colorado.  PRICE: $20.00

Underhill, James.  AREAL GEOLOGY OF LOWER CLEAR CREEK (Colorado).  Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Volume III, pages 103 – 122.  Denver: Published by the Society, 1906.  Original printed tan wrappers; two maps and one mine plat; near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(University of Denver)  SONGS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF DENVER.  Published by The Evans Literary Club, 1917.  Original brown cloth binding with gold embossing on front cover; 67 pages.  Music and words related to the University of Denver .  Near fine condition. $35.00

Van Diest, E.C. and P.H.  NOTES ON THE GEOLOGY OF THE WESTERN SLOPE OF THE SANGRE DE CRISTO RANGE IN COSTILLO COUNTY , COLORADO.  Read before the Colorado Scientific Society, in Denver, November 5, 1894.  Original green printed wrappers; 5 pages and 1 plate.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Warren, Edward R.  THE MAMMALS OF COLORADO.  Colorado College Publications, General Series No. 19, Science Series No. 46, Volume XI, pages 225-274.  Colorado Springs, Colorado, January 1906.  Original green printed wrappers; no illustrations; very good plus condition: several ex-library marks.  PRICE: $35.00

Warren, Edward Royal.  THE SMALL MAMMALS OF COLORADO.  Published by The Colorado Mountain Club, June 1921.  Publication No. 7, illustrated.  Original illustrated cream wrappers; 31 pages; numerous half-tone images; near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00


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