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Dallas, Sandra.  GOLD AND GOTHIC: Story of Larimer Square (Denver, Colorado).  Published by Lick Skillet Press: Denver, Colorado, 1967, 1st printing.  Printed by The Smith-Brooks Printing Company.  Original illustrated wrappers; 24 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $25.00

Dawson, J. Frank.  PLACE NAMES IN COLORADO: Why 700 Communities Were So named; 150 of Spanish or Indian Origin.  Printed by The Jefferson Record: Lakewood, Colorado, 1954, 1st printing.  Printed yellow wrappers; 54 pages; illustrated.  Good only condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver Chamber of Commerce)  DISTINCTIVE DENVER: The Romance of an American Capital.  Published by The Denver Chamber of Commerce, 1925, 1st edition. Publishers Press, Denver, Colorado.  Illustrated covers; 64 pages; illustrated.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver Club)  OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE DENVER CLUB, 1931.  Club House: Corner Seventeenth and Glenarm Streets, Denver, Colorado, 1931.  Original printed red wrappers; 59 pages; no illustrations.  Damp-staining to cover that has bled onto some pages; good condition only.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver, Colorado)  COME TO DENVER: Capital City of Colorado.  C. Wunder and D.L. Hopwood, photographs.  Photographic soft covers; 36 pages; photographic illustrations and description.  Circa 1949.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver, Colorado)  DENVER DAILY DOINGS: Where to Go; What To See; How to Get There -- in Colorado.  Volume III, No. 24, December 6-13, 1924.  Published by Denver Daily Doings Incorporated, Denver, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 32 pages; illustrated with photographs and maps.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $35.00

(Denver, Colorado)  DENVER MUNICIPAL YEAR BOOK FOR 1946, Told in Story and Picture.  Benjamin F. Stapleton, Mayor.  Original covers; square bound; 112 pages; advertisers indexed; photographs and articles.  Near fine condition.  Price: $45.00

(Denver, Colorado)  GEMS FROM DENVER'S TREASURE CHEST OF HISTORY, from the Vaults of the Title Guaranty Company, The Landon Abstract Company, 1858 - 1951.  Illustrated tan wrappers; 28 pages; illustrated.  History, documents, and photographs from early Denver.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver, Colorado Municipal Water System)  YOUR DENVER MUNICIPAL WATER SYSTEM: Where the City's Water Comes From; How It Is Purified; How It Gets Into Your House.  May 1, 1934.  City and County of Denver, Colorado, 1934.  Illustrated wrappers; 31 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

(Denver Public Library)  NOTHING IS LONG AGO: A Documentary History of Colorado, 1776/1976.  A Catalogue of the Exhibit in the Denver Public Library, Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Colorado's Statehood and the 200th Anniversary of the Republic's Independence.  Published by the Denver Public Library, Denver, Colorado: 1976, first printing.  Original white covers; 141 pages; illustrations and descriptive.  Near fine condition.  Price: $25.00

(Denver Public Schools)  DAVID GOES TO KINDERGARTEN.  Printed by The Denver School Press: 1954, 1st printing.  Booklet for parents preparing to send their children to Denver Public Schools.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver Theatre)  THE OPEN DOOR Magazine, June 1939.  Volume III, No. 9.  A Monthly Magazine published by The Industrial Federal Savings and Loan Association: Denver, Colorado.  William Earl Martin, editor.  Original illustrated wrappers; 22 pages; articles, illustrations and local advertisements.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Denver Theatre)  THE THOMAS WILKES PLAYERS, Denham Theatre, Denver, Colorado.  The Wahlgreen Publishing Company, Denver, Colorado: week beginning Sunday, March 15, 1925.  Illustrated wrappers; 32 pages; theatre program; advertisements; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $35.00

(Denver Women's Clubs)  WOMEN'S CLUBS OF DENVER.  Essays in Colorado History.  Number 13.  Colorado Historical Society: Denver, Colorado, 1993, 1st printing.  David N. Wetzel, editor.  Original illustrated soft covers; square bound; 108 pages;  illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Draper, Benjamin.  GEORGETOWN PICTORIAL: An Illustrated Story of a Colorado Mining Town.  Original illustrated wrappers; 32 pages; photographic illustrations.  Old West Publishing Company: Denver, Colorado, 1964, 1st printing.  Fine condition.  Price: $20.00

Durning, Mabel Downer.  HISTORICAL REMINISCING IN THE ALLENSPARK MOUNTAIN AREA (Colorado).  Printed by Sharer Books: Longmont, Colorado, 1975, first edition.  Signed by author on front cover.  Illustrated covers; 40 pages; tie-binding; illustrations.  Fine condition.  SOLD

(Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado)  ELITCH'S GARDENS: Golden Anniversary Souvenir, 1891 - 1941.  Elitch Garden Company.  No publisher: 1941.  Original green wrappers; unpaginated; photographs and other illustrations.  Chronological history of Elitch Gardens; also 1941 program.  Local advertisements.  Printed letter from Governor Ralph L. Carr and Mayor Ben F. Stapleton.  Near fine condition.  Price: $45.00

Ellis, Amanda M.  BONANZA TOWNS: Leadville and Cripple Creek.  The Dentan Printing Co.: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1954, first edition.  Signed by author.  Printed silver covers; 48 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Ellis, Amanda M. THE COLORADO SPRINGS STORY.  The Dentan Printing Co.: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1954, 1st edition.  Printed wrappers; 48 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Emore, Anna.  DILLON: The Blue River Wonderland.  A Summit Historical Society Publication: 1983.  Original silver printed blue wrappers; 43 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $22.00

(Estes Park, Colorado) THE STANLEY HOTEL.  No publisher.  No printer.  Published in 1977 in connection with the Hotel becoming a National Historic Landmark.  Illustrated stiff wrappers; 24 pages; historical photographs and descriptive.  Inscribed by the contemporary general manager and owner of the Stanley Hotel.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00 

Euser, Barbara J., editor.  A CLIMBER'S CLIMBER: On the Trail with Carl Blaurock.  With a Foreword by David Lavender.  Cordillera Press, Inc.: 1984, first edition.  Oblong: illustrated soft covers; 83 pages; photographs and descriptions.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Evans, Dannette.  SPOTLIGHT ON PUEBLO, PAST AND PRESENT.  Statistics, Early History, Pioneers, Builders, Railroads, Industries, Great Flood, Aerial Map, Points of Interest, Civic Leaders, Sidelights.  Pen and Ink Drawings by Allan Lewis Evans.  Golden Press: Denver, Colorado, 1952, 1st printing.  Inscribed by author.  Blue wrappers; 48 pages; illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Evans, Luther H., Librarian of Congress.  COLORADO: the Diamond Jubilee of Statehood.  An Exhibition in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.  November 14, 1951, to February 14, 1952.  United States Government Printing Office: Washington, 1951.  Original illustrated covers; 75 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $20.00

Fetchenhier, Scott.  GHOSTS AND GOLD: The History of the Old Hundred Mine.  Privately published: 1999, 1st edition, signed by author.  Original illustrated soft covers; 143 pages; illustrated.  Old Hundred Mine is located near Silverton, Colorado.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Filipak, Jack D.  A TEACHER'S RESOURCE BOOK FOR OUR STATE: Colorado, A History of Progress.  The Old West Publishing Company: Denver, Colorado, 1966, 1st printing.  Illustrated gray wrappers; 64 pages.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Fleming, Colorado)  MEMORIES OF OUR PIONEERS.  Fleming Historical Society: Fleming, Colorado, 1971, 1st edition.  Printed and bound by General Publishing and Binding, Iowa Falls, Iowa, 1971.  Original illustrated green soft covers; 258 pages; spiral-bound; photographs; index.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $95.00

(Fort Collins, Colorado)  THE FORT COLLINS AREA.  Volume One: the Graphic Past, #433; Volume Two: At the Centennial, #433.  Photographs and descriptive.  Sponsored by Columbia Savings and Loan Association, Colorado's Great Statewide Savings Institution.  Fort Collins Area Centennial Association, 1976.  Both publications in fine condition.  Sold as a set, Price: $45.00

(Fort Collins, Colorado)  ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH: 80th Anniversary, St. Luke's Day.  Ft. Collins, Colorado, 1955.  Original illustrated wrappers; 12 pages; illustrated.  History: 1875 - 1955.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Frear, Hugo and Virginia, compilers.  OUR RUSH TO THE ROCKIES: The National Editorial Association Visits Colorful Colorado During Its Great Centennial Year.  These articles are reprinted from the column, "Old Man on the Monument," which appeared in various issues of the Bedford Daily Gazette, Bedford, Pennsylvania, 1976, 1st printing.  Original illustrated wrappers; 44 pages; illustrated.  Condition: very good, with some light glue stains on the inner wrap; otherwise, near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Frink, Maurice.  THE BOULDER STORY: Historical Portrait of a Colorado Town.  Photographic illustrations by Rocky Mountain Joe and Many others.  Pruett Press: Boulder, Colorado, 1965, 1st edition.  Original illustrated covers; square-bound; 90 pages; illustrated.  Very good plus condition.  Price: $20.00

Fry, Norman Walter.  CACHE LA POUDRE: "The River."  As Seen from 1889 by Norman Walter Fry.  Photographs courtesy of Norman W. Fry, Earl F. Olmstead, Stella M. Christiansen, Elvan McClenahan.  Privately published: 1954, second printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 52 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Gates, Zethyl.  MARIANO MEDINA: Colorado Mountain Man.  Johnson Publishing Company: Boulder, Colorado, 1981, first edition.  Illustrated covers; square-bound; 110 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Geiger, Helen M.  THE ZOO ON THE MOUNTAIN: A History of The Cheyenne Mountain Zoological Park.  Cheyenne Mountain Museum and Zoological Society: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1968, 1st printing.  Lithographed by Smith-Brooks Printing Company.  Foreword by Russell T. Tutt.  Original illustrated wrappers; 39 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Georgetown, Colorado)  HOTEL DE PARIS AND LOUIS DUPUY IN GEORGETOWN, COLORADO: A fragment of Old France widely known Everywhere in the West.  Published by The State Historical Society of Colorado in collaboration with The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Colorado.  Printed by Johnson Publishing Company: Boulder, Colorado, 1954, 1st printing.  Illustrated stiff wrappers; 14 pages; illustrations and description.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Georgetown, Colorado)  SCENIC BEAUTIES OF THE ROCKIES: Georgetown, Colorado.  Compliments of Board of Mines and Commerce of Georgetown, Colorado.  The Smith-Carson Press: Denver, Colorado, circa 1900.  Gray wrappers with tipped on photograph; 48 pages; photographs and descriptions.  Very good plus condition.  tie-binding.  PRICE: $75.00

(Golden City, Colorado)  THE ASTOR HOUSE: A Continuing Community Project.  No publisher.  No printer.  No author.  Circa 1970.  Eighteen printed pages; no illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Golden, Colorado church)  FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH: Centennial, August 1, 1863 - August 1, 1963.  Golden, Colorado.  Pastor Thompson.  Original illustrated wrappers; 12 pages; illustrated.  Historical sketch of church.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Grant, William W.  A QUARTER CENTURY OF THE ARAPAHOE HUNT.  Privately published, 1950, 1st printing.  Original printed red wrappers; 43 pages; foldout map in back of publication.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $45.00

Gregory, Doris H.  HISTORY OF THE WRIGHT OPERA HOUSE, Ouray, Colorado.  Cascade Publications: Long Beach, California, 1983, 1st edition.  Illustrated wrappers; 58 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Gregory, Doris H.  HOUSES ON OAK STREET: THE McINTYRE CABIN, Ouray, Colorado.  Cascade Publications: Long Beach, California, 1981, 1st printing.  Original illustrated wrappers; 50 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $20.00

Gregory, Doris H.  OURAY'S ERA OF BARS AND BROTHELS: The Story of Vanoli's Gold Belt Theatre and Dance Halls.  Cascade Publications: Long Beach, California, 1982, 1st edition.  Original illustrated red covers; 73 pages, illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $45.00

Grout, William, text and photographs.  COLORADO ADVENTURES: 40 Trips in the Rockies.  Golden Bell Press: Denver, Colorado, September 1975, second printing.  Illustrated stiff wrappers; 174 pages; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Gurtler, Jack and Hunt, Corinne.  THE ELITCH GARDENS STORY: Memories of Jack Gurtler.  Editorial and Production Coordination, O.J. Seiden.  A Rocky Mountain Writers Guild Publication: Boulder, Colorado, 1982, 1st printing.  Illustrated covers; 101 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(H.H. Tammen Curio Company)  SCENIC WONDERS OF THE ROCKIES.  A Scenic Guide Book of the Rocky Mountains.  Published by The H.H. Tammen Curio Company: Denver, Colorado, 1904.  For Sale by The Van Noy Railroad News Co., Denver, Colorado.  Original illustrated brown wrappers with chromolithograph tipped onto front cover; 52 pages: every other page exhibits a tipped on illustration; and every other page has a descriptive.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Haley, Glen.  SPARKS FLY UPWARD: Growing Up in the Rockies.  Wayfinder Press: Ouray, Colorado, 1988, 1st printing.  Original illustrated covers; 262 pages; illustrated.  Colorado life from Ridgway to Crawford to Paonia.  Near fine condition.  Price: $22.00

Haney, Harold L.  COLORADO CAPITOL BUILDING.  Colorado Department of Public Relations: Capitol Building, Denver, circa 1960.  Illustrated wrappers; 20 pages; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Hanson, Eloise Sagel.  FROM THE STEPPES TO THE PRAIRIES: A Brief History of the German People from Russia in Fort Morgan, Colorado.  Original illustrated orange stiff wrappers; 34 pages; illustrations and maps.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Harper, Frank, compiler and editor.  JUST OUTSIDE OF MANILA: Letters from Members of the First Colorado Regiment in the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars.  Monograph 7, Colorado Historical Society, Denver, Colorado, 1992.  David N. Wetzel, editor.  Original illustrated covers; 110 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Harrison, Louise C., introduction and editor.  THE SNOW STORY (Why the Hot Sulphur Mail Was Late) by Chauncey Thomas.  Privately printed by Hotel Splendide, Empire, Colorado, 1969, 1st printing.  Illustrated green wrappers; 28 pages; illustrated.  The Dingerson Press; Denver, Colorado.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Hoerlein, Mary Ann.  WHO IS J.D. FORNEY?  No publisher.  No printer.  Circa 1970.  Original illustrated covers; 30 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Forney Museum; antique cars.  Denver museum.  Price: $20.00

Hogan, Marion A.  KIT CARSON, COLORADO: Home of the Famous Scout, Friendly People and Land of Prime Beef Cattle.  Kit Carson Historical Society, 1974, 1st printing.  (Volume 1).  Original illustrated covers; 90 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  No printer; no publisher.  Price: $20.00

Hornby, William H.  VOICE OF EMPIRE: A Centennial Sketch of The Denver Post.  Colorado Historical Society: Denver, Colorado, 1992, 1st printing.  Illustrated covers; 92 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Hubbard, George U.  CARRY NATION AND HER DENVER CRUSADE OF 1906.  Published by Leland Feitz, Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1972, 1st printing.  Printed by Out West Commercial and County Printers, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 20 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $20.00

Hubbard, Richard L. and Wyatt, Danny J.  GEOLOGY OF THE PIKES PEAK REGION, COLORADO.  In cooperation with El Paso Community College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1976, 1st printing.  Printed by Century One Press, Colorado Springs.  Illustrated wrappers; 41 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Hughes, David R.  A BRIEF HISTORY REVIVING OLD COLORADO CITY.  Old Colorado City District: Colorado Springs, 1978.  Inscribed by author.  Original illustrated wrappers; 12 pages; illustrated; fold-out map in back of pamphlet.  Fine condition:  $22.50

Humbeutel, Lacy.  NUGGETS FROM CHALK CREEK.  Century One Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1975, 1st edition.  Illustrated soft covers; square-bound; 96 pages; fine condition; illustrated.  Chalk Creek Gulch; St. Elmo; Nathrop; Mary Murphy Mine; Chalk Creek, Chaffee County, Colorado.  PRICE: $25.00

Huntley, Paul L.  100 YEARS ON THE SWITZER RANCH.  Privately published.  Ranch on Wilson Creek, Fremont County, between Canon City and Cripple Creek, Colorado.  Illustrated green stiff wrappers; 37 pages; illustrated.  Master Printers: Canon City, Colorado.  Fine condition.  Circa 1976.  Signed by author.  PRICE: $45.00








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