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Specialists in Western Americana, literature, and quantum physics; with a particular focus on Colorado history and the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Taylor, Morris F.   A SKETCH OF EARLY DAYS ON THE PURGATORY.  Risley Printing Company: Trinidad, Colorado, 1959, 1ST printing.  Printed tan wrappers; 48 pages.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $40.00

Taylor, Morris F.  TRINIDAD, A CENTENNIAL TOWN (Colorado).  Sponsored by The Colorado Bi-Centennial Commission.  Building illustrations by Dianne Widom.  Walking tour guide by Willard C. Louden.  Published by O'Brien Printing & Stationery Co.: May 1976.  Stiff covers; 28 pages; illustrations, plus fold-out map.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00

Taylor, Ralph C.  A GUIDE TO HISTORIC PUEBLO (Colorado).  Privately printed for the benefit of the Pueblo Metropolitan Museum, 1978, 1st printing.  Original burgundy wrappers; 32 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $23.50

Thompson, Atlanta Georgia.  DAUGHTER OF A PIONEER.  Published by Wayne Steward: Portland, Oregon, 1982, 1st printing.  Moore Lithograph, Inc., Portland, Oregon.  Original printed covers; 160 pages; photographic illustrations.  the Story of An American Family - The Early Days.  A first person narrative of Life in Early Colorado.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Thornton, Dan, Governor of Colorado.  INAUGURAL MESSAGE OF THE HONORABLE DAN THORTON, GOVERNOR OF COLORADO, delivered to the Thirty-Ninth Colorado Legislature in Joint Session, at Denver, January 9, 1951.  Original printed covers; 12 pages; frontispiece photo of Thornton.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Thornton, Dan, Governor of Colorado.  INAUGURAL MESSAGE OF THE HONORABLE DAN THORTON, GOVERNOR OF COLORADO, delivered to the Thirty-Ninth Colorado Legislature in Joint Session, at Denver, January 13, 1953.  Original printed covers; 16 pages; frontispiece photo of Thornton.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Tilton, Elizabeth Durkan.  TRAGEDY AT THE TRAIL: True Stories of the Deer Trail Flood (Colorado), 1965.  No printer.  No publisher.  Original illustrated tan wrappers; 64 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $35.00

Tinsley, Harry C., Warden.  THIS IS THE PRISON: Colorado Penitentiary, Canon City.  Original illustrated wrappers; unpaginated; numerous photographs and illustrations.  Published in 1956.  History and archives of penitentiary and inmates.  Very good condition.  Price: $30.00

Tresner, Charlene.  STREETS OF FORT COLLINS.  McMillen Publishing Co, Inc.: 1977, 1st printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 30 pages; history and illustrations.  Near fine.  Colorado history.  PRICE: $22.00

Trimble, Stephen A.  GREAT SAND DUNES: The Shape of the Wind.  Printed by Paragon Press.  32 pages; illustrated.  Original illustrated wrappers.  Circa 1975.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Turk, Gayle.  WET MOUNTAIN VALLEY: A Quick History of Rosita, Querida, Silver Cliff, Westcliffe.  Published by Little London Press; Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1975, 1st printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 60 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Tushar, Olibama Lopez.  THE PEOPLE OF "EL VALLE": A History of the Spanish Colonials in the San Luis Valley (Colorado).  Endorsed by The Colorado Centennial-Bicentennial Commission.  1975.  Distributed by El Camino Real Bookstore: Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colorado.  Printed by Hirsch Graphics Enterprises.  Illustrated soft covers; square bound; 155 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $45.00

Tweto, Ogden and Bryant, Bruce and Williams, Frank E.  MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE GORE RANGE - EAGLES NEST, PRIMITIVE AREA AND VICINITY, SUMMIT AND EAGLE COUNTIES, COLORADO.  Geological Survey Bulletin 1319-C.  An evaluation of the mineral potential of the area.  Studies Related to Wilderness - Primitive Areas.  United States Government Printing Office: Washington, 1970, 1st printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 127 pages; illustrated; complete with maps.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

(Union Pacific Railroad)  COLORADO: America's Vacationland.  Printed by Marquette-Midwest Group: Chicago, Illinois, 1950.  Illustrated wrappers; 40 pages; illustrations, foldout map.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00

Urquhart, Lena M.  COLD SNOWS OF CARBONATE (Colorado).  Golden Bell Press: Denver, Colorado, 1967, first edition.  Short history of Garfield County, Colorado.  Illustrated stiff wrappers; 19 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Urquhart, Lena M.  ROLL CALL: The Violent and Lawless.  Golden Bell Press: Denver, Colorado, 1967, first edition.  A collection of stories of Garfield County, Colorado.  Illustrated stiff wrappers; 57 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.50

Vanderwilt, John W.  THE 100 YEAR HORIZON.  The Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado.  Designed and printed by The W.H. Kistler Stationery Company, Denver, Colorado.  Colorado School of Mines: 1874 - 1974, 1st edition.  Original covers; spiral bound; 68 pages; enameled paper; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $45.00

Wagner, Albin.  ADAMS COUNTY: Crossroads of the West, Volumes I and II.  Adams County Diamond Jubilee.  Volume I: first printing, August 1977.  Volume II: first printing, October 1977.  Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Adams County, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 40 pages and 56 pages; illustrations; maps; photographs; histories.  Both publications in near fine condition.  Sold as a set, Price: $50.00

Wagner, Richard and Evelyn.  SKETCHES OF THE SAN JUANS.  Published by Wagner Art Gallery, Telluride, Colorado, 1967, 1st edition.  Printed by Century One Press, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Signed by both Wagners.  63 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $24.00

Walsh, Elaine Colvin and Smith, Jane Walton.  VICTORIA OF CIVIC CENTER.  Published by the Volunteers of the Colorado Historical Society.  Printed by A.B. Hirschfeld, Inc.: Denver, Colorado, 1984, 1st printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 54 pages; illustrated.  History of the home of William N. Byers.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $24.75

Warford, Sherrill.  VERDICT: GUILTY AS CHARGED, Leadville Justice, 1879 - 1886.  Lynch Law: Guilty or Not Guilty.  The Last to Go.  Silver City Printing Company: Leadville, Colorado, 1977, 1st printing.  Original illustrated white wrappers; 44 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $35.00

Warren, Lenore.  FEATHERS AND SUNSHINE.  Colorado poetry.  Signed by author.  Cover design by Nancy Warren.  Self-published: 1968, 1st printing.  Original illustrated wrappers; 43 pages.  Fairplay Flume Press.  Fine condition.  Price: $23.50

Weaver, Frank.  THAT BEAUTIFUL VALLEY: E.S. Lyon, A Man with a Dream.  Cover illustration by Kathy Bradford.  The New Lyons Recorder: Lyons, Colorado, 1978, first printing.  History of E.S. Lyon and Lyons, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 32 pages, plus pages A-1 through A-8; illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00

Weaver, Frank.  THEY CAME BY COVERED WAGON: A History of the Billings Family.  History of Lyons, Boulder County, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 23 pages with text and photographs, plus Appendix A-1 - A-13 with more photographs and captions.  The New Lyons Recorder: Lyons, Colorado, 1977, 1st printing.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Webb, Ardis.  THE PERRY PARK STORY: Fulfillment of a Dream.  Published by Ardis & Olin Webb: Denver, Colorado, 1974, 1st printing.  Perry Park is located near Larkspur, Colorado, between Denver and Monument.  Illustrated wrappers; 59 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Wetzel, David N., editor.  ESSAYS AND MONOGRAPHS IN COLORADO HISTORY.  The State Historical Society of Colorado, Denver, Colorado, Number 8, published 1988.  Essays by Benjamin D. Rhodes, Larry Schweikart, Robert H. Steinbach, Bobbalee Shuler.  Essays on Colorado's Tennessee Valley Authority for China; Frontier Banking in Colorado; A Frontier Army Officer on Mindanao; and Scab Labor in the Colorado coal fields.  Illustrated covers; 90 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.50

Wheat Ridge Historical Committee.  BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES, EARLY SETTLERS OF WHEAT RIDGE.  Published, 1976, by the Wheat Ridge Centennial-Bicentennial Commission.  Lithographed by B & B Printing Co., Inc., Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 33 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $25.00

Wheat Ridge Historical Committee.  HISTORY OF PIONEER WHEAT RIDGE.  Published by The City of Wheat Ridge: Wheat Ridge, Colorado, June 1979, 2nd printing.  Lithographed by B & B Printing Co., Inc., Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 28 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Wheeler, E.L.  DEADWOOD DICK'S LEADVILLE LAY or, BRISTOL AND BUCKET'S BOOM.  Filter Press: Palmer Lake, Colorado, circa 1970.  Later reprint.  Illustrated wrappers; 16 pages.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

White, Frank A.  LaGARITA.  Published by Frank A. White, La Jara, Colorado, 1971, 1st edition.  Printed by Cooper Printing Co., La Jara, Colorado.  History of La Garita in the north-central part of the San Luis Valley, Colorado.  Illustrated soft covers; square-bound; 68 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Whitney, Gleaves.  COLORADO FRONT RANGE: A Landscape Divided.  Foreword by Ann Zwinger.  Johnson Publishing Company: Boulder, Colorado, 1983, 1st edition.  Original illustrated covers; 164 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Wilcox, Patricia K., editor.  76 CENTENNIAL STORIES OF LAKEWOOD, COLORADO.  Presented by the City of Lakewood, Colorado.  Published at Lakewood, Colorado: September, 1976, by the Lakewood Centennial-Bicentennial Commission.  1 of 2000 copies.  Printed and bound by Johnson Publishing Company, Boulder, Colorado, 1976, 1st limited edition.  Original illustrated blue covers; 178 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Square bound.  Price: $45.00

Wilcox, Rhoda Davis.  THE BELLS OF MANITOU: Briarhurst, Landmark of Manitou Springs (Colorado).  Little London Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1973, 1st printing.  Illustrated yellow wrappers; 26 pages; illustrated.  Very good plus to near fine.  Price: $22.00

Wiley, Marion C.  THE HIGH ROAD.  History of the Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton.  Bicentennial Project of the Division of Highways, State Department of Highways, State of Colorado, 1976, 1st edition.  Original illustrated covers; unpaginated; photographs.  Fine condition.  Price: $23.00

Williamson, Ruby G.  DOWN WITH YOUR DUST: A Chronicle of Upper Arkansas Valley, Colorado 1860 - 1893.  Revised edition, May 1, 1979.  Printed by B&B Printers, Gunnison, Inc., Gunnison, Colorado.  Illustrated printed tan covers; square-bound; 112 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Winter, Margaret Appel.  EXPLORING DENVER With Children Young and Old.  Lexicon Co., Publishers: Boulder, Colorado, May 1973, second printing.  Printed yellow covers; 137 pages; illustrated.  Very good condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Witt, Edna J.  GHOST CITY - ARAPAHOE CITY.  Printed by the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Council, 1966, 1st printing.  Original illustrated blue wrappers; 14 pages; illustrated.  Signed by author.  Fine condition.  Price: $22.00

Wood, Myron and Nancy C.  CENTRAL CITY: A Ballad of the West.  The heart behind the humbug of a fabled gold rush town revealed in 101 distinguished photographs.  Chaparral Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1963, 1st edition.  Photographs by Myron Wood.  Original illustrated covers; 80 pages; photographs and descriptive.  Near fine condition.  Price: $25.00

Wyer, Malcom Glenn.  WESTERN HISTORY DEPARTMENT: Its Beginning and Growth.  Denver Public Library: Denver, Colorado, September 1965.  Revised edition.  Tan wrappers; 18 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00







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We are always interested in purchasing large or small collections, from countless to single items.  We purchase Western Americana -- books, documents, maps, photographs, ledgers, journals, annual reports, manuscript material, memorabilia, etc.  We also purchase first edition literature, especially books or manuscripts that are signed/inscribed and dust-jacketed, such F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Ben Hecht, Eugene O'Neill, James Joyce, etc.  And, we are interested in science books, such as those by Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Paul Dirac, Linus Pauling, Steven Weinberg, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schroedinger, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford. Max Planck, Ernrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer, etc.



"... But never again as during that all too short period when he and I were one person, when the fulfilled future and the wistful past were mingled in a single gorgeous moment -- when life was literally a dream...."  F. Scott Fitzgerald, from 'Early Success,' The Crack Up, October 1937

 \frac{\partial f}{\partial t}+ v \frac{\partial f}{\partial x}+ \frac{F}{m} \frac{\partial f}{\partial v} = \frac{\partial f}{\partial t}\left.{\!\!\frac{}{}}\right|_\mathrm{collision}

Boltzmann equation

\left( c \boldsymbol{\alpha}\cdot \mathbf{\hat{p}}+\beta mc^2 \right ) \psi = i\hbar\frac{\partial \psi}{\partial t}\,\!

Dirac equation

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