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Specialists in Western Americana, literature, and quantum physics; with a particular focus on Colorado history and the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

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(San Luis Valley, Colorado)  FOLKS AND FORTUNES.  Saga of the San Luis Valley in Colorado.  Prof. Luther E. Bean, Adams State College.  Volume 1, Number 1.  November 1949.  Sponsored by the San Luis Valley Fair, Inc.  Printed by Monte Vista Journal, Monte Vista, Colorado.  Original illustrated covers; square-bound; 168 pages; illustrated; numerous local advertisements.  Very good plus condition.  Price: $65.00

(San Luis Valley Historical Society)  THE SAN LUIS VALLEY HISTORIAN, Volume I, April 1969, Number 2.  San Luis Valley Historical Society, Inc.: Alamosa, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 33 pages; illustrations and maps.  Near fine condition.  Price: $20.00

(San Luis Valley Historical Society)  THE SAN LUIS VALLEY HISTORIAN, Volume I, July 1969, Number 3.  San Luis Valley Historical Society, Inc.: Alamosa, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 37 pages; illustrations and maps.  Near fine condition.  Price: $20.00

(San Luis Valley Historical Society)  THE SAN LUIS VALLEY HISTORIAN, Volume I, October 1969, Number 4.  San Luis Valley Historical Society, Inc.: Alamosa, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 29 pages; illustrations and maps.  Near fine condition.  Price: $20.00

(San Luis Valley Historical Society)  THE SAN LUIS VALLEY HISTORIAN, Volume II, Winter 1970, Number 1.  San Luis Valley Historical Society, Inc.: Alamosa, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 39 pages; illustrations and maps.  Near fine condition.  Price: $20.00

(San Luis Valley Historical Society)  THE SAN LUIS VALLEY HISTORIAN, Volume II, Spring 1970, Number 2.  San Luis Valley Historical Society, Inc.: Alamosa, Colorado.  Original illustrated wrappers; 33 pages; illustrations and maps.  Near fine condition.  Price: $20.00

Saxon, O. Glenn.  COLORADO AND ITS MINING INDUSTRY.  Published and Distributed by the Mining and Petroleum Committee, Colorado State Chamber of Commerce: Denver, Colorado, April 1959, 1st printing.  Original illustrated wrappers; 28 pages; illustration.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Scamehorn, Lee.  A.E. HUMPHREYS AND SONS: Entrepeneurs of Western Resource Development.  The Western Business History Resource Center: Colorado Historical Society, Denver, 1984, 1st printing.  Original wrappers; 43 pages; illustrated.  PRICE: $30.00

Scoggin, Hugh.  THE SAN JUAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT PROJECT.  Illustrated covers; 45 pages; illustrated.  The San Juan Historical Society in conjunction with the Resources Development Internship Program, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, August 24, 1973.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $35.00

Seibel, Harriet.  A HISTORY OF THE COLORADO SPRINGS SCHOOLS DISTRICT 11.  Century One Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1975, 1st edition.  Illustrated wrappers; 104 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition, some light fading.  PRICE: $23.50

Seligson, Harry.  OIL, CHEMICAL AND ATOMIC WORKERS: A Labor Union in Action.  Denver, Colorado, 1960, 1st printing.  Printed white wrappers; 21 pages.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Sharp, Verna.  A HISTORY OF MONTEZUMA, STS. JOHN AND ARGENTINE, Early Mining Camps of Summit County (Colorado).  Editing and additional material by Art Dixon, in conjunction with Summit Historical Society.  Summit County, Colorado: 1971, 1st printing.  Litho by D&L Printing, Inc., Dillon, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 36 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Shelton, David C. and Prouty, Dick.  NATURE'S BUILDING CODES: Geology and Construction in Colorado.  Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Colorado Geological Survey, John W. Rold, Director, with assistance from the Colorado Land Use Commission.  Special Publication 12.  1979.  Illustrated tan wrappers; 72 pages; diagrams and illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Sierra, John A.  A CHURCH OF THE PLAINS, 1910 - 1960: Jubilee History of St. Mary's Parish, Las Animas, Colorado.  Printed by Las Animas Leader: September 1960, 1st printing.  Illustrated gold wrappers; 28 pages; illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Silverman, Jason H.  HISTORIAN'S HANDBOOK TO FORT COLLINS AND LARIMER COUNTY.  Illustrated covers; 60 pages; illustrated.  Resources Development Internship Program, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1975.  Near fine condition.  SOLD

Smith, Don.  CHALK CREEK TO THE PASTIllustrated with photographs from The Denver Public Library, The State Historical Society, Gilbert Gregg, The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.  History of the St. Elmo area, Chalk Cliffs, Mt. Princeton, Cumberland Pass, and Alpine Tunnel area of Chaffee County, Colorado.  Privately printed.  #417 of 500 copies.  Inscribed by author. 20 pages.  1st printing, 1958.  Near fine condition.  Price: $50.00

Smith, Dorothy E.  A HISTORY OF THE EL PASO COUNTY PIONEERS ASSOCIATION, 1896 - 1976.  Original printed brown wrappers; 15 pages; illustrated.  Pikes Peak or Bust by '76 Committee.  Fine condition.  Price: $20.00

Smith, J.W. and Walsh, E.C.  QUEEN OF THE HILL: The Private Life of the Colorado Governor's Mansion.  Volunteers of the Colorado Historical Society: Heritage Center, Denver, Colorado, 1979, 1st printing.  Art design by Bonnie Meadows.  Printed by A.B. Hirschfeld, Inc., Denver, Colorado.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Smith, Virginia Field.  WOMEN AT WORK: A Study of Employment Policies and Practices in the State of Colorado.  Colorado Federation of Business and Professional Women: Denver, Colorado, 1955, first printing.  Original printed yellow wrappers; 84 pages; illustrations; ex-library.  Good only.  Price: $22.00

Sommers, Herbert M.  THE STORY OF THE BIG BURN of 1853 - 1854.  Adventure and Accomplishments of Two of Colorado's Earliest Pioneers.  Privately printed, 1965, 1st edition.  Dentan & Berkeland Printing Co., Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Original illustrated covers; 20 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Signed by author.  Price: $35.00

Sommers, Herbert M.  MY STORY OF EARLY SUMMITVILLE, 1880 - 1885: Adventure and Accomplishments of One of Colorado's Earliest Pioneers, My Father, Edward D. Sommers.  Privately printed, 1966, 1st printing, signed by author.  Printed by Dentan & Berkeland Printing Co., Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 31 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $45.00

Spann, Dorothy Bass, as told to Inez Hunt.  BLACK PIONEERS: A History of a Pioneer Family in Colorado Springs.  Little London Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1978, 1st printing.  Original illustrated wrappers; 40 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $23.50

Spencer, Frank C.  THE STORY OF THE SAN LUIS VALLEY.  A reprint of The San Luis Valley Historical Society: Alamosa, Colorado, 1975, 1st separate printing.  Manufactured by Sleeping Fox Enterprises: Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Illustrated soft covers; square-bound; 85 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $23.50

Spitler, Laura L. and Walther, Lou.  GEM OF THE MOUNTAIN VALLEY: A History of Broomfield.  Published in 1975 by the Broomfield Centennial - Bicentennial Commission.  Mathis Printing: Boulder, Colorado, 1st printing.  Original illustrated covers; 85 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Sporleder, Louis B.  (Spanish Peaks, Colorado)  PICTURES, LEGENDS AND STORIES OF THE SPANISH PEAKS.  Huajatolla (pronounced Wa-Ha-To-Ya) is the Indian name of this Great Twin Mountain and Means "Two Breasts.  Published by The Sporleder Selling Co., Walsenburg, Colorado.  Printed by The Consolidated Publishing Company: Walsenburg, Colorado.  Illustrated tan wrappers; 40 pages; illustrations.  Circa 1935.  Very good plus condition.  sold

Sporleder, Louis B., Sr.  THE ROMANCE OF THE SPANISH PEAKS.  Block print illustrations by Lucille Philbrook Baker.  O'Brien Printing & Stationery Co.: Pueblo, Colorado, 1960, 1st printing in this format.  Signed by Caroline Sporleder Young.  Illustrated wrappers; 33 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  sold

Sprague, Marshall.  COLORADO: The Colorful Centennial State.  Golden West Publications: Denver, Colorado, 1959, 1st edition.  Contents: the Mountains; The Coloradan; The Changing Faces; The Continental Divide; the Mountains and Fun by Dabney Otis Collins; the Mountains and Water by Roscoe Fleming; The Economic Environment edited by James R. Quinn.  Original illustrated covers; unpaginated; illustrated; square bound.  Price: $23.50

Sprague, Marshall.  FIRST CENTURY AT THE FIRST.  History of First National Bank of Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1874 - 1974.  Privately published, 22 pages, 1st printing.  Illustrated; soft wrappers.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.50

Spring, Agnes Wright, State Historian of Colorado.  THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DENVER: The Formative Years, 1860 - 1865.  Bradford-Robinson Printing Company: Denver, Colorado, 1959, 1st printing.  Signed by Agnes Wright Spring.  Original illustrated covers; 48 pages; illustrated with descriptive.  Near fine condition.  Price: $65.00

Sterling, Janet.  LEGENDS OF THE ROYAL GORGE REGION.  Printed and published by The Canon City Daily Record: Canon City, Colorado, 2nd printing, July 1949.  Illustrated wrappers; 59 pages; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $22.50

Steven, Thomas A.  CENOZOIC GEOMORPHIC HISTORY OF MEDICINE BOW MOUNTAINS NEAR THE NORTHGATE FLUORSPAR DISTRICT, COLORADO.  Colorado Scientific Society Proceedings, Volume 17, No. 2.  Published by the Society, Denver, Colorado, 1956, 1st printing.  Peerless Printing Company, Denver, Colorado.  1st separate printing, pp. 35 - 55, plus two fold-out maps in rear pocket.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00

Steven, T.A. and Schmitt, Jr., L.J.; Sheridan, M.J. and Williams, F.E.  MINERAL RESOURCES OF THE SAN JUAN PRIMITIVE AREA, COLORADO.  Geological Survey Bulletin 1261-F.  An evaluation of the mineral potential of the area.  United States Government Printing Office: Washington, 1969.  Studies related to Wilderness Primitive Areas.  San Juan, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 187; illustrated; complete with all maps.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $35.00

Stoller, Marianne L. and Steele, Thomas J., editors and annotators.  DIARY OF THE JESUIT RESIDENCE OF OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE PARISH, CONEJOS, COLORADO, December 1871 - December 1875.  Translated by Jose B. Fernandez.  The Colorado College Studies, Number Thirteen, 1982: The Colorado College, Colorado Springs.  The Colorado College Studies Issue No. 19.  Illustrated orange wrappers; 227 pages; illustrated.  Ex-library.  Original covers have been professionally plasticized.  Good plus condition.  PRICE: $30.00

Swan, Henry.  EARLY BEGINNINGS OF TRANSPORTATION IN COLORADO - A Pilgrimage Address.  A Newcomen Address.  The Newcomen Society of England, held in Denver, Colorado, July 13, 1944.  First printing: July 1944.  Printed and bound at The Princeton University Press.  Printed wrappers; 40 pages; illustrated.  Good only.  PRICE: $22.00

Swift, Kim.  HEART OF THE ROCKIES: A History of the Salida Area (Colorado).  Century Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1980, 1st printing.  Chaffee County, Colorado history.  Illustrated blue covers; 64 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00







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We are always interested in purchasing large or small collections, from countless to single items.  We purchase Western Americana -- books, documents, maps, photographs, ledgers, journals, annual reports, manuscript material, memorabilia, etc.  We also purchase first edition literature, especially books or manuscripts that are signed/inscribed and dust-jacketed, such F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Ben Hecht, Eugene O'Neill, James Joyce, etc.  And, we are interested in science books, such as those by Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Paul Dirac, Linus Pauling, Steven Weinberg, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schroedinger, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford. Max Planck, Ernrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer, etc.



"... But never again as during that all too short period when he and I were one person, when the fulfilled future and the wistful past were mingled in a single gorgeous moment -- when life was literally a dream...."  F. Scott Fitzgerald, from 'Early Success,' The Crack Up, October 1937

 \frac{\partial f}{\partial t}+ v \frac{\partial f}{\partial x}+ \frac{F}{m} \frac{\partial f}{\partial v} = \frac{\partial f}{\partial t}\left.{\!\!\frac{}{}}\right|_\mathrm{collision}

Boltzmann equation

\left( c \boldsymbol{\alpha}\cdot \mathbf{\hat{p}}+\beta mc^2 \right ) \psi = i\hbar\frac{\partial \psi}{\partial t}\,\!

Dirac equation

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