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Able, Mary Prentiss.  MINES AND MILLS OF COLORADO, Volume I.  Atlantic Place Press: Denver, Colorado, 1976, 1st printing.  #805 of a limited edition.  Illustrated covers; 12 pages; illustrations and description.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Ahlefeldt, Judy von.  THUNDER, SUN AND SNOW: The History of Colorado's Black Forest.  Century One Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1979, 1st edition.  Photographic covers; square bound; 128 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  SOLD

Anderson, Byron A., Secretary of State, Denver, Colorado.  THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF COLORADO.  Revised to March 1, 1969.  No publisher.  Original printed gray wrappers; 107 pages; pasted-in editorial changes.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Anderson, David A.  COLORADO MINI TOURS AND MYSTERY TOURS FROM DENVER.  Stonehenge Books: Denver, Colorado, 1981, 1st printing.  Standing Stone Series.  Illustrated covers; 107 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.50

Anderson, Peter.  FROM GOLD TO GHOSTS: A History of St. Elmo, Colorado.  Self-published.  Printed by B & B Printers, Gunnison, Inc., Gunnison, Colorado: 1983, first edition.  Illustrated covers; 116 pages; illustrated with photographs.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Arnold, Oren, editor.  COLORADO BRAGS: All the wittiest, wisest, best -- and worst! -- ever said about Colorado.  Your Rocky Mountain Souvenir.  Designed by Rosemary Arnold.  Published with pride by Bob Petley Studios: Denver, Colorado, 1953, 1st printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 48 pages; illustrations, historical sketches, humor, poetry, and maps.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Arnold, Sam.  THE VIEW FROM MT. MORRISON: the Story of a Colorado Town.  Published by The Fur Press: Denver, Colorado, 1974, 1st printing.  Drawings by Carrie Arnold.  Illustrated covers; 42 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00

Aschermann, Arla.  WINDS IN THE CORNFIELDS OF EARLY PUEBLO COUNTY (Colorado).  Pueblo County Historical Society.  Fifth of a series published by Pueblo County Historical Society, Pueblo, Colorado, 1982, 1st printing.  Star-Journal Publishing Co.  Printed green wrappers; 52 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00

Athearn, Robert G. and Ubbelohde, Carl.  CENTENNIAL COLORADO: Its Exciting Story.  E.L. Chambers, Inc. Publishing: Denver, Colorado, 1959, 2nd printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 96 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Athearn, Robert G., editor.  LIFE IN THE PIKE'S PEAK REGION: Letters of Matthew H. Dale.  Reprinted from The Colorado Magazine of The State Historical Society, Volume XXXII, No. 2, April, 1955, Denver, Colorado.  Illustrated wrappers; 24 pages; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Atkins, James A.  HUMAN RELATIONS IN COLORADO, 1858 - 1959.  Office of Instructional Services, Leo P. Black, Assistant Commissioner.  Colorado State Department of Education: Denver, Colorado, 1961, 1st edition.  Illustrated wrappers; 191 pages, plus index; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $40.00

(Auraria, Colorado)  CENTENNIAL OBSERVANCE OF THE FOUNDING OF AURARIA, October 30, 1958.  West Denver Auraria Historical Society, 1858 - 1958.  Yellow wrappers; 4 pages; no illustrations.  Near fine.  PRICE: $23.00

Ballast, David Kent.  DENVER'S CIVIC CENTER: A Walking Tour.  Published by: City Publishing Company, Denver, Colorado, 1977, 1st edition.  Original illustrated wrappers; 30 pages; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Barlow, Marion A.  STRUGGLE: SAGA OF COLORADO HOMESTEADERS.  Edited by Thomas A. Barlow.  Hallmark Ltd.: Boulder, Colorado, 1977, 1st edition.  Original illustrated covers; 63 pages.  Very good condition.  Illustrated.  Price: $35.00

Beckner, Raymond M.  ALONG COLORADO TRAILS.  Printed by O'Brien Printing & Stationery Co.: Pueblo, Colorado, 1975, 1st edition.  Original covers; 218 pages; illustrated.  Historical sketches of Colorado, from Kit Carson to Creede, to the Pony Express to the Hardscrabble District.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.50

Beckner, Raymond M.  HUMOR OF THE HIGH COUNTRY (Colorado).  Beckner Publications: Canon City, Colorado, 1976, 1st edition.  Printed by Master Printers: Canon City, Colorado.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

Beise, Charles J.  SAN JUAN'S SILVER TONGUE.  Illustrations by Dona Stone.  History and stories of the San Juan Basin (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico).  Privately published; 1982, 1st printing.  Printed tan wrappers; 74 pages; illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Blair, Kay Reynolds.  LADIES OF THE LAMPLIGHT.  Timberline Books: Leadville, Colorado, 1971, 1st printing.  B & B Printers and Lithographers, Gunnison, Colorado.  Original printed red wrappers; 40 pages, plus index.  Illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $23.00

Blevins, Terry W., producer.  OUR HERITAGE: A Collection of Tales of East Central Colorado, Volume I.  From the East Central Council of Local Governments, Stratton, Colorado, September 1983, 1st printing.  Printed by The Burlington Record: Burlington, Colorado.  Original illustrated covers; 76 pages; illustrated; spiral-bound.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $75.00

Bluemel, Elinor.  EMILY GRIFFITH AND THE OPPORTUNITY SCHOOL OF DENVER.  Self-published: Englewood, Colorado, 1954, 1st printing.  Original illustrated blue covers; 85 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  Price: $24.00

Bowe, Richard J., publisher and editor.  AN OFFICIAL SOUVENIR: Historical Album of Colorado; Rush to the Rockies Centennial, 1859 - 1959.  Illustrated wrappers; unpaginated; history and illustrations.  1st edition, 1959.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00

Bradley, Christine.  WILLIAM A. HAMILL: The Gentleman from Clear Creek.  Colorado State University, Cooperative Extensive Service, Historical Bulletin Number 2, in cooperation with the Georgetown Historical Society, Inc., 1977, 1st printing.  Illustrated covers; 56 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $23.50

Brenneman, Bill.  MIRACLE ON CHERRY CREEK: An Informal History of the Birth and Re-Birth of a Neighborhood.  Denver, Colorado: World Press, Inc., 1973, 1st printing.  Original illustrated covers; 130 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $24.00

Brown, Georgina.  VICTORIAN NOSTALGIA: A Look at Leadville's Homes of Fortunes.  Photography by Ross Brown.  Self-published: 1976, 1st printing.  Printed by B&B Printers, Gunnison, Colorado.  Original illustrated stiff covers; 32 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  SOLD

Brown, Robert L.  HOLY CROSS -- The Mountain and the City (Colorado).  Illustrated with photographs.  The Caxton Printers, Ltd.: Caldwell, Idaho, 1970, 1st edition.  Illustrated soft covers; 154 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Brown, Stella.  SERVANTS IN THE SERVICE OF MEN, 100 Years: First Congregational United Church of Christ, Longmont, Colorado, 1972, 1st printing.  1872 - 1972.  Privately published.  Illustrated wrappers; 48 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $25.00

Broyles, Billy.  THE ST. VRAIN VALLEY: Its Early History; includes Longmont, Estes Park, Hygiene, Lyons, Allenspark, Niwot, Berthoud, Platteville and others.  Illustrated wrappers; square-bound; 125 pages; illustrated.  Published by the St. Vrain Valley Press: Longmont, Colorado, June 1969, second printing.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $45.00

Broyles, Billy.  THE ST. VRAIN VALLEY: Its History, 1900 - 1910.  Cover drawing by Margaret Rose Hoben.  Published by The St. Vrain Valley Press: Longmont, Colorado, 1974, 1st edition.  Illustrated green wrappers; square-bound; illustrated; 156 pages.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $45.00

Broyles, B.L. (Billy)  TALES (Some Pretty Tall) OF THE ST. VRAIN VALLEY.  Number ____ of a Limited Homespun Edition, Limited to 3500 copies.  Longmont, Colorado: The St. Vrain Valley Press, 1968, 1st edition.  Illustrated wrappers; 79 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $45.00

(Bureau of Reclamation)  THE GOLDEN JUBILEE RECLAMATION, 1902 - 1952.  No publisher: 1952, 1st printing.  Original illustrated wrappers; unpaginated; photographs, history, and descriptive of reclamation projects throughout Colorado, 1902 - 1952.  Foldout map.  Near fine condition.  Price: $35.00

Burgess, Mary E. and Shaw, Ruth, editors and compilers.  PILGRIMAGE INTO THE PAST: A Tour of Area Landmarks, Prepared by the Landmarks Council of the Pikes Peak Region.  Pikes Peak Area Landmarks Preservation Council, 1978, 1st printing.  Illustrated wrappers; 35 pages; photographs.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $24.00

Campa, Arthur L., editor.  University of Denver.  COLORADO FOLKLORE, Official Organ of the Colorado Folklore Society.  Volume I - 1953.  Original illustrated blue wrappers; 25 pages.  Near fine condition.  Price: $22.00

(Cherokee Strip, Ponca City, Oklahoma)  EXHIBITION OF MODELS FOR A MONUMENT TO THE PIONEER WOMAN.  Presented to The Denver Post in the Cheesman Memorial, Denver, August 7 to 13, inclusive, 1927.  Exhibition of Models in Competition for a Monument to THE PIONEER WOMAN, to be erected on the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma by Mr. E. W. Marland.  Original printed wrappers; 20 pages; illustrated with renderings of statues.  Earle Press, New York, 1927.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $50.00

Christensen, John V., President, Colorado State Association of County Commissioners.  COLORADO COUNTIES 1963.  A Compilation in pictures and text, articles and items, of interesting and significant material about each of Colorado's 63 counties.  Published by the Colorado Association of County Commissioner, 1963.  Illustrated covers; 142 pages; illustrated.  Ex-library.  Very good condition.  Price: $20.00

Christopher, Tom.  NEAL CASSADY: a biography.  VOLUME ONE, 1926 - 1940.  Related to Colorado and Denver history.  Original illustrated wrappers; 48 pages; illustrated.  Privately published in 1995.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(City Club of Denver) THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL CENTER OF RESEARCH, ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION.  City Club Pamphlet No. 27.  A Report by the Education Committee of the City Club, Denver, Colorado, 1944.  Illustrated wrappers; 47 pages; illustrated.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $22.00

(City Employes Union)  ANNUAL SOUVENIR AND YEAR BOOK of the City Employes Union, 1927.  Published by City Employes Union, Denver, Colorado.  Original illustrated covers; 40 pages; large format; photographs; advertisements.  Article on Mayor Benjamin F. Stapleton (Denver).  Article and photographs on D.H. Moffat and the Moffat Tunnel.  Members of Denver City Council.  The Wahlgreen Publishing Company, Denver, Colorado.  Near fine condition.  Price: $75.00

Clapp, Joy and Stevens, Paul C.  A GEOGRAPHY OF COLORADO: A Workbook.  Drawings by Hearndon Davis and Nita Davis; maps by Hugh T. Glen.  The Old West Publishing Company: Denver, Colorado, 1949, 1st edition.  Original illustrated wrappers; 84 pages; maps and photographs.  Near fine condition.  Price: $50.00

Clifton, Chas. S.  GHOST TALES OF CRIPPLE CREEK.  Little London Press: Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1983, 1st printing.  Illustrated coversl 28 pages; illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Colorado)  COLORADO'S NAVAJO TRAIL REGION ... Beckoning Business and Industry.  Endorsed by Governor John A. Love.  Sponsored by the Colorado Interstate Gas Company.  Published in 1966; 54 pages; spiral-bound; numerous photographs and descriptive of Colorado counties in the San Juan Mountain Region.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Colorado)  GOLD NUGGETS OF COLORADO HISTORY: Authentic Short Stories of the Early Settlers.  The Title Guaranty Company, Denver, Colorado.  GCM Lithographers: Denver, Colorado, 1959, 1st printing.  Illustrated wrappers; unpaginated; illustrations.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $21.00

(Colorado)  COLORADO: A Story of the Highest State.  Prepared by the Junior Red Cross of the Denver Public Schools in cooperation with the Department of Art Education of the Denver Public Schools.  Denver, Colorado, 1948, 1st printing.  Marion E. Miller, Director of the Department of Art Education.  Harriett W. Long, Director, Junior Red Cross Committee for the Denver Public Schools.  Dr. Prudence Bostwick, Supervisor in the Department of Instruction of the Denver Public Schools.  Original illustrated wrappers; 64 pages; wood-block illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $30.00

(Colorado Cookbook)  PIONEER POTLUCK: Stories and Recipes of Early Colorado.  Collected by The Volunteers of the State Historical Society of Colorado.  Johnson Publishing Company: Boulder, Colorado, 1975, 5th printing.  Spiral bound; 110 pages; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $21.00

(Colorado Cookbook)  COOKBOOK: The Priscilla Class of The First Methodist Church, Loveland, Colorado.  Illustrated yellow wrappers; 38 pages.  Very good plus condition.  Colorado cookbook.  Circa 1950.  PRICE: $25.00

(Colorado Historical Studies)  UCD HISTORICAL STUDIES (University of Colorado at Denver)  "Prohibition Leadville Style," by Sharon Newman; "The Salon in Eighteenth-Century Paris.  Its Effect on the Style of An Age," by Francis B. McDonald; and, "The Early Labor Movement in Denver," by Marcia Goldstein.  Department of History, University of Colorado at Denver.  Senior editor: Thomas J. Noel, Ph.D.  Denver, Colorado: 1983.  Printed covers; 35 pages.  Fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

(Colorado State Museum)  THE COLORADO STATE MUSEUM: A Guide to the Exhibits.  The State Historical Society of Colorado, Denver, 1949, 1st printing.  A Guide to the Exhibits, Collections, and Activities of the State Historical Society of Colorado.  Illustrated blue wrappers; 56 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $20.00

Colorado State Planning Commission.  COLORADO.  Published by The Colorado State Planning Commission: Denver, Colorado, circa 1939; 24 pages.  Original mimeograph printing with cloth spine; hand-illustrations.  Very good condition.  Facts and answers about Colorado for visitors and immigrants.  Price: $20.00

(Colorado Transportation)  PORTFOLIO OF HISTORIC COLORADO TRANSPORTATION PHOTOGRAPHS.  Sponsored by Western Federal Savings.  This is a souvenir of the Rocky Mountain News: "Wheels of the Old West" History Contest Exhibit During August, 1962.  Near condition.  8-panel fold-out: photographs and captions.  PRICE: $21.00

(Colorado View Book)  THE COLORADO VIEW BOOK.  Published by The Williamson-Haffner Company: Denver, Colorado.  The Williamson-Haffner Engraving Company.  Circa 1905.  Original silver-printed black covers with a chromolithograph tipped onto front cover; tie-binding; 17 tipped-on illustrations.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $30.00

(Colored Women's Club)  TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY AND SILVER JUBILEE OF THE STATE FEDERATION OF COLORED WOMEN'S CLUB OF COLORADO.  Founder: Mrs. Elizabeth Ensley.  Original gold printed blue wrappers; 36 pages; photographs; biographies; history; advertisements.  Very good plus condition.  PRICE: $75.00

Cooper, Arthur B.  THE STORY OF OUR PRESBYTERY OF DENVER, 1870 - 1950, including Earlier Days in the Rockies.  Arthur B. Cooper: Author and Publisher, 1950, 1st edition, Denver, Colorado.  Original blue printed wrappers; 85 pages; illustrations.  Very good condition.  PRICE: $35.00

(Craig - Moffat, Colorado)  CRAIG - MOFFAT GOLDEN JUBILEE: Fifty years of Progress, 1908 - 1958.  Craig, Colorado - July 18 - 21, 1958.  Thirteenth Annual Ride'n Tie Days, July 25 and 26.  Original printed gold wrappers; 46 pages; photographs, historical articles; program of events.  Near fine condition.  Price: $35.00

Crain, Mary Helen.  A CIRCLE OF PIONEERS.  Reprinted from articles appearing in the Canyon Courier.  Published by The Tri-Canyon Publishing Company.  Signed by the author.  Circa 1970.  Original illustrated wrappers; 64 pages; illustrated.  Near fine condition.  Price: $22.00

Crain, Mary Helen.  EVERGREEN, COLORADO.  Pruett Publishing Company: Boulder, Colorado, 1969, 1st edition.  Illustrated soft covers; 55 pages, plus index; illustrations.  Near fine condition.  PRICE: $23.00








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